Welcome to Northwestern

As you prepare for arrival in the United States, you my wish to refer to the webpages in this section, which provide guidance and resources for your first days on campus.

  • Arrival and Check-in -- Visit this page for tips on entering the country and arrival on campus. It also provides information on the mandatory check-in for all exchange students. 
  • Academics -- As an exchange student, you will be required to uphold certain academic program objectives, which are explained here. Resources, such as academic advising, are also listed.
  • Campus Life -- Visit this page for an introduction to all aspects of life on campus, including housing, health and wellness resources, student involvment opportunities, and more.
  • Evanston & Chicago -- Acquaint yourself with our Evanston location and nearby Chicago. 
  • FAQs -- Find answers to common questions by incoming exchange students.