Getting started

To become an exchange student at Northwestern University, you must complete the following steps.

Step 1: Obtain a nomination by your home university

Before you can be admitted to Northwestern, your home institution must nominate you for the exchange program. Contact your home institution’s International Exchange Office for details.Each partner institution has a process by which students are selected.

Step 2: Apply to Northwestern

Once you have been nominated, your home institution will provide you with Northwestern's exchange application. Once completed, your International Exchange Office will send the application to the IPD Exchange Program Coordinator, Heather Pardee.

Students from non-Northwestern partners can apply to Northwestern, but must go through the regular admission process.

Once admitted to Northwestern, Heather Pardee will inform you of your acceptance to the program.

Next steps:

  • Use our Pre-Departure Steps pages to prepare for your stay at Northwestern. Your acceptance email will also contain pre-departure information.