Ambassadors for programs in China

Learn more about the ambassadors from the Energy Technology & Policy: Wanxiang Fellows, China: Political and Economic Development, and Public Health in China programs. Feel free to contact them with any questions you might have.

Julia DiMaria

Julia DiMaria | Email

WCAS 2017

My name is Julia DiMaria and I am senior majoring in Psychology and minoring in Global Health. This past summer, I participated in the IPD Public Health in China study abroad program where I was able to broaden my personal perspectives, learn a new language, meet new people and explore new cities. In retrospect, this experience reaffirmed my desire to pursue a medical career, further explore international medicine and charitable programs, and reinforced my desire to inspire other students to seek international programs.  I am so excited to be able to recount on this amazing summer and utilize my newly acquired knowledge to help those around learn more about what this incredible program has to offer!! 

Specialties: First generation college students abroad, Religion and spirituality abroad, Students with High Financial Need Abroad, Pre-med or Pre-health, Student athlete

Caleb Han

Caleb Han | Email

MSEAS 2018

My name is Caleb Han and I was a part of the "Energy Technology & Policy: Wanxiang Fellows Program" during the summer of 2015. At Northwestern, I am pursuing a double major in Industrial Engineering and Psychology. During my summer in China, I was able to go through an incredible journey that took me across the country and allowed me to live in the language, culture, and academic experience. It was truly a study abroad experience that opened my eyes and gave me a larger perspective on the world and its life.

Shen Ferrer

Shen Ferrer | Email

MSEAS 2019

My name is Shen Ferrer and I am a sophomore majoring in chemical engineering and international studies.  I studied abroad in China through the Energy Technology and Policy: Wanxiang Fellows Program in the summer of 2016.  The program allowed me to reflect on the information I learned during classes to what I saw around me as I was fully immersed in the culture and language of the country. I came home with many fond memories of traveling throughout China and a changed perspective on not only the academic topics we talked about in class, but also how I see the world.

Specialties: International student
Jinyi Huang

Jinyi Huang | Email

WCAS 2019

My name is Jinyi Huang. I'm double majoring in Economics and Math, and minoring in Computer Science. I participated in IPD's China: Political & Economic Development program in summer 2016. This summer in China has really provided me with a fundamental and crucial understanding of the political economy of contemporary China. Although I lived in China for 16 years, this program has been instrumental in shaping my views on modern China.

Specialties: International student