Ambassadors for programs in Cuba

Learn more about the ambassadors from Cuba: Culture and Society and Public Health in Cuba. Feel free to contact them with any questions you might have about the programs.

Priya Saha

Priya Saha | Email

WCAS 2017
Hi! My name is Priya Saha, and I am a junior in WCAS majoring in Economics and Psychology, and minoring in Global Health. I went on the Public Health in Cuba study abroad program this past summer, and I had the absolute time of my life! I loved experiencing Cuban culture, practicing Spanish, making Cuban friends, and learning about a new world, and I really hope to go back to Cuba again soon. This program is really amazing and I learned so much in such a short time, and I think that anyone going on this trip can expect to have the time of their life and come back very knowledgeable about an incredibly unique country.
Vaishali Mehta

Vaishali Mehta | Email

WCAS 2017
Hi! My name is Vaishali Mehta and I'm a senior majoring in Psychology and minoring in Global Health. I went to Cuba this past summer (2016) as part of the Public Health program and it was easily the best 2 months of my life! This amazing program allowed me to immerse myself in Cuban culture, practice my Spanish, and learn about the public health system. I loved making lots of Cuban friends, learning how to salsa, and I definitely plan to return to Cuba soon. This is honestly a great program and I think anyone who participates in it will have an amazing time experiencing such a unique country.
Sabrina Rodriguez

Sabrina Rodriguez | Email

Medill 2017

Hi! I'm Sabrina Rodriguez, a senior in Medill, studying journalism and Latin American and Caribbean Studies. I was lucky enough to be part of the Culture and Society in Cuba program this past summer, where I learned so much about Cubans and their day-to-day lives through my interactions while in Havana. I'm looking forward to getting to go back to the island, as this program helped me build a network of friends and mentors there, and reaffirmed my passion for learning about Latin America. 

Specialties: First generation college students abroad, Race and ethnicity abroad, Students with high financial need abroad, Greek life abroad

Grace Alger

Grace Alger | Email

WCAS 2018
Hi, I'm Grace! I'm a Cognitive Science major and a Spanish minor. I participated in the Cuba: Culture and Society program this past summer of 2016. I had a great time on my program, exploring Havana, learning about Cuban history and culture, making friends, and experiencing this unique country. I hope to return to Cuba soon, especially during this time of changing relations.
Rae Pennington

Rae Pennington | Email

SoC 2018
My name is Rae Pennington and I studied abroad in Havana, Cuba through IPD during the Summer of 2016. I had a life-changing experience as a first time traveler. My time abroad introduced me to some of my best friends, pushed me into uncomfortable situations, and helped me discover my love for Latin music. I am also the Marketing and Public Relations IPD Fellow for the upcoming year!