Serbia and Bosnia-Herzegovina

Ambassadors for the Serbia and Bosnia-Herzegovina Program

Learn more about the ambassadors for the Comparative Public Health: Serbia and Bosnia-Herzegovina program. Feel free to contact them with any questions you might have about the program.

Eleni Dima

Eleni Dima | Email

WCAS 2017

Hi! My name is Eleni Dima and I am a senior from Athens, Greece. I am majoring in Comparative Literature and minoring in Global Health and Anthropology. This past summer, I participated in the Comparative Public Health in Serbia and Bosnia-Herzegovina program. My summer abroad (or, in my case, abroad squared) was, in many respects, transformative; from learning on-site about the challenges that public health systems in transition are facing, to discussing topics ranging from pronunciation to politics with local university students on the way back from dance classes I signed up for, this program helped me contextualize the current situation in the two countries, introduced me to a side of the Balkans I did not know much about,  and reaffirmed my interest in global mental health. 

Specialties: International Student

Sarah Permut

Sarah Permut | Email

WCAS 2017
Hi! I'm Sarah Permut, I am a senior in WCAS studying sociology and global health studies. This past summer I studied abroad in Serbia and Bosnia-Herzegovina, which I absolutely loved! I learned all about an area of the world that I previously had known little about, and was able to immerse myself in two different and fascinating cultures. My favorite experiences were exploring the cafes of Belgrade and talking long walks around the hills of Sarajevo. I'm excited to share what I've learned with my classmates back at Northwestern.