Ambassadors for programs in China

Learn more about the ambassadors from the Energy Technology & Policy: Wanxiang Fellows and Public Health in China programs. Feel free to contact them with any questions you might have.

Michelle Lu

Michelle Lu | Email

Class of 2016

My name is Michelle, and I'm a senior majoring in Anthropology and minoring in Global Health Studies. This past summer, I studied at Beida for the Public Health in China program. My time abroad, a combination of thought-provoking courses and exciting adventures throughout Beijing and China, has been one of my favorite quarters at Northwestern.

Lisa Chen

Lisa Chen | Email

WCAS 2018

My name is Lisa Chen and I am a pre-med sophomore majoring in biological sciences. I participated in the IPD Public Health in China study abroad program during the summer of 2015. The trip allowed me to immerse myself in the rich culture of China all the while taking fascinating classes. Every single moment I experience in the trip, whether it be trekking on an abandoned part of the Great Wall or applying cupping techniques to my fellow classmates, are filled with colorful memories and insight.

Caleb Han

Caleb Han | Email

MSEAS 2018

My name is Caleb Han and I was a part of the "Energy Technology & Policy: Wanxiang Fellows Program" during the summer of 2015. At Northwestern, I major in Industrial Engineering and minor in Psychology. This past summer in China, I was able to go through an incredible journey that took me across the country and allowed me to live in the language, culture, and academic experience. It was truly a study abroad experience that opened my eyes and gave me a larger perspective on the world and its life.

Emily Moy

Emily Moy | Email

MSEAS 2018
Hi, I'm Emily Moy and I studied abroad in China through the Energy Technology and Policy: Wanxiang Fellows Program during the summer of 2015. I'm majoring in Chemical Engineering and minoring in Psychology. Through this trip, I was really able to reconnect with my Chinese roots, despite being born and raised in the US. There's so much to take in, whether from the classes or through sharing experiences with students of an entirely different culture.