Ambassadors for programs in France

Learn more about our Ambassadors from the European Union Studies, Critical Theory, Literature and Media, Public Health in Europe, and Sciences Po Exchange programs. Feel free to contact them with any questions you might have about the program.

Shelby Thordarson

Shelby Thordarson | Email

WCAS 2016
My name is Shelby Thordarson, and I studied abroad in Fall 2014 through the European Union Studies program in Paris. I'm a history and political science major with a sociology minor. Study abroad increased my foreign language skills, immersed me in another culture, and offered numerous opportunities for travel. In addition to all of these wonderful things I always expected study abroad would do for me, it also provided me with new lifelong friends and expanded my ideas of where my future could lead.
Julia Harrigan

Julia Harrigan | Email

WCAS 2016
My name is Julia Harrigan and I spent my junior year abroad in Paris and Singapore. I participated in direct exchanges at Sciences Po and the National University of Singapore. As I am a History and International Studies double major and a French minor,  going abroad allowed me to combine my academic curiosity about the world with my passion for traveling.  I wore through my boots walking all over Paris and burned my tongue on many mystery spices in Asia, and studying abroad only increased my desire to live and work abroad in the future.
Maya Voelk

Maya Voelk | Email

Medill 2016
Hi! My name is Maya Voelk and I'm a senior in Medill. I studied abroad in Paris through the Critical Theory, Literature & Media program. In addition to my journalism degree, I'm pursuing a minor in Asian American Studies and a certificate in Integrated Marketing Communications. Studying abroad has been the highlight of my college career and has enriched virtually all aspects of my life. My time in Paris taught me to think bigger, including learning about new cultures or seeking international career opportunities. It's an experience I encourage all students to consider during their time at Northwestern.
Danielle Swaiman

Danielle Swaiman | Email

Hi! I’m Danielle Swaiman, an Environmental Science major and Global Health minor, and I participated in the Public Health in Europe program in the Fall of 2014. My time abroad left me inspired and reinforced my desire to enter the healthcare field, and it had the added bonus of allowing me to live in one of the most amazing cities in the world, Paris!
Stephany Valladares

Stephany Valladares | Email

WCAS 2017

My name is Stephany and I am a junor studying Anthropology, with a minor in global health and on a premed track. I studied abroad Fall 2015 through the Northwestern IPD Public Health in Europe program. Studying abroad was definetely the highlight of my Northwestern experience. The Public Health program at Science Po is equipped with some of the best professors that I have had in my time as an undegrad. I learned so much while enjoying the Parisian life, any student who comes into this program will come out loving it and wishing they could go back and do it all over again!

Azaela Lopez

Azaela Lopez | Email

WCAS 2017

My name is Azalea and I am a History/Poli-Sci major with a Global Health minor. Through IPD I studied abroad in Paris Fall of 2015, but have done 3 study abroad programs from June 2015-May 2016. Going abroad for almost a year was an enriching and unforgettable experience.