Ambassadors for programs in South Africa

Learn more about the ambassadors from Public Health and Development in South Africa. Feel free to contact them with any questions you might have about the program.

Kaley Wendorf

Kaley Wendorf | Email

MSEAS 2017

Kaley is a junior Biomedical Engineer with a passion for people. She spent spring 2015 in South Africa on the Public Health and Development Program working on her African Studies and Global Health minors. She is interested in healthcare on a macro scale, hoping to someday create more effective health systems in developing countries. Her time in South Africa was a huge part of developing her understanding of, and passion for, global health and healthcare management. She fell in love with South Africa, especially its topography and people, and hopes to go back. Until then, she loves sharing her experiences and knowledge with others interested in health, Africa, and studying abroad! If you ever find yourself in South Africa, Kaley highly recommends Malva pudding and paragliding over Cape Town.

Duncan Orlander

Duncan Orlander | Email

WCAS, 2016
I am Duncan Orlander, a senior in WCAS studying Political Science and Global Health. I participated in the Public Health and Development in South Africa program during the 2015 Spring trimester. South Africa is an amazingly beautiful, beautifully diverse, and incredibly complicated space to learn about the relationship between culture, politics, and health. My time abroad allowed me to explore the theoretical concepts learned at Northwestern and apply them through experiential learning in South Africa. The program provides a unique blend of subjects in South African life from the development of a new democracy to the ecology of Kruger National Park. I found myself engaged in a new and exciting activity every single day making the trimester a fundamentally transformative experience.