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1. Program Evaluation

To be eligible for study abroad credit, you are required to complete the online evaluation for your program. You will receive an email from IPD with a link to your program evaluation.

The evaluation should take you 20-30 minutes to complete. The information you provide in this evaluation will be treated confidentially, unless you indicate otherwise, and your honest assessment of the strengths and weaknesses of the program will provide us with important feedback to improve the program for future students.

2. Transcripts and Credit Transfer

If you are seeking major/minor/distribution credit, you will need to follow your school's process for transferring your general (elective) study abroad credits. Learn about the credit transfer process for your school.

Copies of your transcripts will be available for pick-up at the IPD office one to two months after your program ends. You will need a copy of your transcript to support your petition for credit.

Be sure to retain as many of your course materials as possible, regardless of what kind of credit you are seeking for your courses. Many schools/departments will need to see class descriptions, syllabi, papers, readings, and other course materials from your classes abroad as part of their credit petition process.

Exceptions: Students who completed the following IPD programs do not need to petition for credit for their study abroad courses, since they are enrolled in regular Northwestern courses while abroad. All courses and grades appear on the Northwestern transcript and are figured into students' GPA.

  • Critical Theory, Literature, and Media
  • European Union Studies
  • Public Health in Europe
  • Global Healthcare Technologies
  • Public Health & Development in South Africa
  • Public Health in Israel
  • The Modern State of Israel: Politics, Economy & Ethnicity
  • Field Studies in Archaeology: Medieval Worlds
  • Field Research in Public Health: Tanzania

3. IPD Board of Ambassadors Application 

A great way to build on your time abroad and share what you have learned with others is to get involved with the IPD Ambassador Program. This is an opportunity to connect program alumni with each other, future IPD study abroad students, and other members of the Northwestern community while gaining valuable skills and experience.

Applications are due on Friday, September 26 (for all program participants).

4. Photo Contest 

Show off your photography skills, share your study abroad experience, and win prizes by entering the IPD Photo Contest! For more information about the Photo Contest, including rules for submissions and past winners, visit the IPD Photo Contest page

5. Returnee Events

Throughout the year, there are a number of events and opportunities, organized by IPD, the Study Abroad Office, the Office of Fellowships, University Career Services, and others, which target study abroad alumni. Refer to IPD's weekly newsletter for scheduled events, as well as the Study Abroad Office's Event Calendar

6. Additional Resources