Returning Home

Steps for returnees

As you are preparing to leave Northwestern, there are some required steps you must take. Once you return to your home country, there are many ways to remain connected to Northwestern and to share your experience with other students.

Submit required paperwork

Before you leave campus, you must submit a Withdrawal/Cancellation Form and a Transcript Release Form. IPD will contact you with more details about these required forms.

Cancel your housing contract

If you live on campus, you will need to cancel your housing contract with the Undergraduate Housing Office. Be sure you move out of the building by the required date and check out at your Neighborhood Desk.

Complete an evaluation

IPD will send you a link to an online evaluation form. Your feedback is important in improving the experience for exchange students.

Check your student account

Access your student account in CAESAR to make sure you have a zero balance. An outstanding balance will put a hold on your account, which will prevent Northwestern from releasing your transcript. Please note that charges incurred close to your departure date may not appear on your student account until after you leave Northwestern. It is therefore very important to pay attention to any emails you receive from Northwestern, even after you leave campus.

Comply with visa requirements

All exchange students must comply with visa requirements. This includes, but is not limited to, leaving the United States within 30 days of your program end date and obtaining acceptable health insurance coverage for any period of time that you will be in the United States after your program ends.

 Request your transcript

IPD will send one official copy of your Northwestern transcript to your home university approximately 4-6 weeks after the end of your studies, for the purpose of transferring credit. If you wish to request additional copies of your transcript, follow the instructions for requesting a transcript through the Registrar’s Office. Unofficial copies can be printed through CAESAR. Note that your NetID will expire a few months after you leave the university, so you are advised to request any additional transcripts while your NetID is still active. Keep your student ID number on file as well, as you will need this to order transcripts.

Set up email forwarding

Your email account will remain active even after you leave Northwestern, and any official communication from the university will be sent to your Northwestern email address. Be sure to have your Northwestern email account forward messages to your personal email.

Stay connected with Northwestern

Even though you will not be in Evanston, we hope you will stay connected with Northwestern! The university has alumni across the globe, and delegations of faculty and administrators travel regularly around the world. Joining an International Alumni Club and attending a Northwestern Connects networking event are just a couple ways to be part of Northwestern's Global Alumni Networks.

Serve as a resource for future exchange students

As part of an exchange, Northwestern will likely be sending students to your home university every year. We’d love for you to connect with our students and help them adjust and succeed. Also, your home university will be sending students to Northwestern in future years. Because of your experience, you can serve as a great resource for Northwestern-bound students.