ULA Videography Grant


The ULA Videography Grant is given to Northwestern undergraduate students participating in one of ULA's Northwestern-designed study abroad programs (formerly called IPD programs). Students will produce video content from their study abroad experience to be used for ULA projects, like social media engagement and program promotion.

Award Details

Award of $250 disbursed following study abroad experience, contingent upon the quality of work provided.


The ULA Videography Grant is open to all Northwestern undergraduate students confirmed to participate in any ULA Northwestern-designed study abroad program (formerly called IPD programs) who will have full access to videography equipment during their study abroad experience.  Many smartphones have cameras that are adequate quality for this grant.

Application Deadlines

The ULA Photography Grant application deadline is Friday, April 27, 2018.


To be considered for the grant, students should submit one (1) video approximately 1-2 minutes in length that has been completely self-generated and self-edited on any topic. Videos may be samples from coursework, the student’s portfolio of work, or created primarily for the purpose of this grant. Videos should be posted to YouTube or another digital media sharing site, and the link should be submitted through the ULA Videography Grant application. Consideration for the grant is contingent upon the student being accepted into the ULA Northwestern-designed program to which they applied.

Grant recipients must be able to supply their own standard videography equipment, and should have access to video editing software upon their return from their study abroad experience. Recipients will be expected to record video content that captures the academic and cultural experience in the country where they are studying abroad (i.e. cultural immersive experiences, experience of studying at their host university, field trips and outings, etc…).

The time commitment for this project is estimated at 25hrs, which includes the time spent shooting footage while abroad as well as editing the video upon student’s return. Grant recipients are expected to turn in their final project approximately 4 weeks after the program ends.  

The grant will be disbursed upon students’ return, following ULA approval of the video content supplied.