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Gabriel Levine-Drizin

Gabriel Levine-Drizin | Email

WCAS 2018

I am Gabe Levine-Drizin and I am a current WCAS Senior.  Last year, I spent the whole year abroad, first in Quito, Ecuador and then in Rwanda and Uganda.  I am a History and International Studies dual major.  There is truly nothing more rewarding than throwing yourself into the unknown, only to come back a more independent and globally-minded citizen of this world. Breaking away from a Western-view of all global events, confronting cultural difference, learning a new language, and meeting new people all come with challenges and rewards that surely trump those faced on college campuses! The rock-climbing and hiking I did every weekend in Ecuador, the classes I had at the local university, and the salsa classes I took three times a week with the local salsa club all made me uncomfortable: however, these experiences are what made my time abroad so special.  At the same time, my time in Rwanda was a truly emotional experience where I visited historical sites dedicated to the Genocide, met with local people who shared their experiences, and carried out my own research project that dealt with the sensitivity of the event while seeking to investigate underdeveloped nuances. Going abroad is something that needs to be taken advantage of!