Ambassadors for programs in Germany

Learn more about the ambassadors from programs in Germany. Feel free to contact them with any questions you might have have about the programs.

Jesus Campos

Jesus Campos | Email

SoC 2018

Hello, I am Jesus Campos. I am an RTVF junior and I participated in the Berlin: City in the Center of Europe program in the summer of 2016. I loved my time abroad and would love to share my advice while abroad with new students. Specifically, I would love to talk about how to be smart with your money, how to make the most out of your time in Berlin, and how to navigate academics while abroad. 

Specialties: first generation college students abroad; race & ethnicity abroad; students with high financial need abroad

Liam Aranda

Liam Aranda | Email

WCAS 2019

Hi, my name is Liam Aranda. I studied in Germany during the summer 2016 quarter through the Berlin: Global City in the Center of Europe program. Currently I am undecided with my major.  However, the opportunities provided by the program in the field of refugee law have led me to plan on declaring majors in both History and International Studies. For those in the program I definitely recommend traveling.  Germany has a very central location within the E.U. and transportation is, in general, inexpensive in comparison to the U.S., so take advantage of every free weekend.  

Specialties: LGBTQ students abroad

Kathryn Mohr

Kathryn Mohr | Email

SoC 2019
My name is Kathryn Mohr (RTVF major/ sophomore), and I studied abroad through IPD's "Berlin: Global City in the Center of Europe" program in Summer 2016! My time in Berlin was absolutely amazing; I learned a lot (both academically and outside the classroom), made new friends, and fell in love with one of the most incredible, vibrant cities in Europe!
John Gustafson

John Gustafson | Email

WCAS 2020

My name is John Gustafson and i studied in Berlin in the summer of 2017. It was my first time leaving the country, and only the second time I had taken a plane. For me, almost everything was a new experience, and I did more in one summer than every other summer of my life combined. All in all, my accomplishments socially, academically, and culturally that summer will stay with me for the rest of my life.

Specialties: students with high financial need abroad; first time traveler; Greek life

Robb Babich

Robb Babich | Email

School of Communication 2019

Robert Babich participated in the "Berlin: Global City in the Center of Europe" program during the summer of 2017. He is currently a third-year undergraduate student (Class of 2019) in the School of Communication at Northwestern, majoring in both Communication Studies and Economics. He was inspired by European bike sharing programs and cycling culture, and he built a cycling business with friends he made on the program. After he completed his program, he went backpacking around Europe for a month before returning to NU.

Specialties: students with high financial need abroad; gender identity abroad; first time traveler