Study Abroad

IPD students in traditional African dress

IPD develops and administers study abroad programs and exchanges that allow Northwestern students to study at premier institutions around the world.

Get started

The first steps to studying abroad are to learn about study abroad at Northwestern and select the right program for you. Review the Study Abroad Guide to learn about the nuts and bolts of study abroad at Northwestern as you are researching programs. Also be sure to familiarize yourself with your school's policies and requirements for study abroad. Also learn about the experiences of Northwestern students who have previously studied abroad on our programs. Our Student Voices section includes links to blogs written by students abroad, program evaluations, and more.

Program Types

Use our Explore Programs section to learn more about IPD study abroad programs. You will find two distinct types of programs, which are explained and compared in the chart below.

IPD Specially Designed Programs Exchange Programs
Courses and registration Students take a set curriculum based on a specific program theme and are registered for courses by IPD. Students select courses from the host institution's course catalogue and register directly. In some cases, courses in certain departments may not be available.
Transcripts and credit Courses are taken for direct credit, appear on the NU transcript, and are issued letter grades, which count toward the NU GPA. Some programs offer a combination of NU and transfer credit. The Public Health in Mexico Program offers transfer credit only. Courses can be brought back to NU as transfer credit, as long as they are taken for a letter grade and a C or above is earned. Courses appear on a transcript issued by the host institution, and courses and grades do not appear on the NU transcript or figure into your NU GPA.
Housing IPD organizes and provides program housing. Accommodation type varies by program. Students are responsible for arranging their own housing. Accommodation type varies by host institution and program location.


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