Returnee Steps

Welcome home!

After returning to campus, complete these steps.

Complete an online program evaluation

You are required to fill out an IPD program evaluation, which should take you 20-30 minutes to complete. A link to access the evaluation will be emailed to you.

Your evaluation will be treated confidentially, unless you indicate otherwise, and your honest assessment of the strengths and weaknesses of the program will provide us with important feedback to improve the program for future students.

Students participating in Exchange Programs and IPD Programs in China, Germany, and Mexico must submit their program evaluation in order to receive credit for study abroad coursework. Your official transcript will not be forwarded to the Registrar's Office, the first step in the credit transfer process, until your evaluation is received. 

Transfer study abroad credits

If you will be seeking major or minor credit, or if you hope to fulfill distribution or other school requirements, you will need to follow the credit transfer process for your school. 

Students participating in Exchange Programs and IPD Programs in China, Germany, and Mexico must acquire a copy of your transcript to support your petition for credit. Copies of your transcripts will be available for pick-up at the IPD office one to two months after your program ends.

Retain as many of your course materials as possible, regardless of what kind of credit you are seeking for your courses. Many schools/departments will need to see class descriptions, syllabi, papers, readings, and other course materials from your classes abroad as part of their credit petition process. 

Students participating in IPD programs that offer direct Northwestern course credit do not need to petition for credit for study abroad courses. You are enrolled in regular Northwestern courses (i.e., courses with Northwestern course numbers with an "-SA" section number) while abroad. All courses and grades appear on your Northwestern transcript and are figured into your GPA.

Take advantage of special opportunities for returning students

Consider sharing your study abroad experience by becoming a ULA Fellow or a ULA Ambassador. You can also attend one of the Returnee events held throughout the year. 

Apply for funding to go abroad again

Use your international experiences to your advantage, and consider applying to a fellowship or grant program that could help fund future research or other activities abroad.

Also consider applying for school-specific opportunities to support projects abroad.